Monday, May 17, 2010

The little flower

She was a happy flower, with sweet a fragrance and pleasant a smile

that was left to be alone and sad at once.

The world as she knew changed.

After days of agony and pain ,this flower chose to survive.

She with all her might, tried to stand up and smile again

at the world she has left with her.

Her friend, the bright sun stood a witness to all this,

and kept assuring the little flower that he is always there.

The presence of the sun, makes the little flower glow.

Like a phoenix, the little flower rose from her own ashes,

found her inner true glow.

The flower thanked her friend. She spread her petals out with more joy;

now to be touched and brightened by her friend's presence.

She never realized until then, that the sun who stood by her

was her true soul mate.

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