Monday, May 17, 2010

The little flower

She was a happy flower, with sweet a fragrance and pleasant a smile

that was left to be alone and sad at once.

The world as she knew changed.

After days of agony and pain ,this flower chose to survive.

She with all her might, tried to stand up and smile again

at the world she has left with her.

Her friend, the bright sun stood a witness to all this,

and kept assuring the little flower that he is always there.

The presence of the sun, makes the little flower glow.

Like a phoenix, the little flower rose from her own ashes,

found her inner true glow.

The flower thanked her friend. She spread her petals out with more joy;

now to be touched and brightened by her friend's presence.

She never realized until then, that the sun who stood by her

was her true soul mate.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let us all be gold diggers!!

Yes. Let us all be gold diggers.

When you are digging for gold, tons of dirt might come your way. Most of us crib about all that dirt and come out all frustrated.
For one ounce of gold, you may have to move tons of dirt. We loose focus, and we concentrate on all that dirt. We start pondering on questions like;How much dirt we have
have been facing and how much more we have to face, What kind of dirt? Why is all that dirt there? etc

The point is, we are there is the first place looking for GOLD. And when you are digging, you don't go looking for dirt, you go looking for Gold.

We can apply this thumb rule is life, in case of relationships.

We start off in a relationship looking for the gold, the beauty of the other person. We see small dirt here and there that leads us to more inner quality and beauty of the other. But we get stuck.
We forget that we are gold diggers and become the dirt pickers. How sad! The person is one and the same. Its our view that has changed.

So lets accept and appreciate what ever gold/beauty that is in a person, in an event, in life as a whole; than complain and crib about all that is not there.

Lets be gold diggers. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Prosperity refers to more than just money; it about the feeling as if you have it all.

Its about having the faith that you are always taken care of and never lack anything.

When you celebrate being rich in friends and family relations;or being rich with laughter;or the richness of your spiritual life ;or even being rich in air and sunshine when nothing else seems to be going well for you today, material blessings will come to you more readily.

It not what happened that is important, it is getting the habit of appreciating or even being a silent observer of the positive side of things everyday that matters.

Through my experience, the more you see(witness);appreciate and express gratitude for the moments you were gifted with, no matter how small these moments were,more good things will come your way.

Simply celebrate and feel prosperous!!!

Kingfisher Flight to Hyderabad

'I am open to Miracles' :)

Expect miracles to follow,
whenever you open your heart and let the love and gratitude flow through you.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Silent Observer

'I listen to my intuition to guide me through'.

Do not underestimate the importance being a silent observer of your life.A silent observer is free of judgment.He is open and ready to accept what he is receiving from the universe in the form of information.

Anything can become a life changing experience if you are sensitive to the hidden insight that it provides.

12000 meters above Earth-25th Oct 11am

Nothing is impossible!
Spiritual awakenings can happen at 12000 meters above earth, while traveling a stretch of 628 nautical miles.

Exhausted after a day long Convocation at my college in Delhi, earning the pride of being a degree holder, i was left with no energy but to sleep on my Flight back to Mumbai. But something kept bubbling up. I felt a thirst for a pen and a paper. Then I knew nothing. The pen,paper and my hand took their due course.

"Nothing is Impossible!"

The word impossible is not defined in my dictionary. For me there is 'Option A' or 'Option B', but nothing defined as 'No Option'!
My mind does not understand 'impossible', there is one 'possibility', if not then there one 'new other possibility'.There is no stopping.
When you are flexible, all you know is that there is this continuous momentum or motion, continuous growth, constant change from one present moment to the next moment becoming your present.
You become flexible or rather fluid when you are free of inhibitions, you are free of pre-judgements. You take things as and when they come. You do not have "this is not possible" defined for you. You are like a child who is fresh and new to life, that your limits are not set.
When a child does something in order to achieve something , he has nothing defined as ' impossible'. He keeps trying and trying and trying.As adults we induce into these kids the possibilities of 'impossibility'. We tell them that it is natural to have failures, and that all actions don't always lead to the outcome we want.
But when this child grows into an adult, his actions become result oriented. The moment he tries and does not achieve , he gives up.He defines all that is 'impossible' for him.
When situations change, when the environment changes from what he prepared himself for, he sees the 'impossible' coming to him.
Why not let actions be actions and there are no judgements of momentary results. Actions are then no more result oriented.When the environment changes, when your actions do not lead to what you want or do not lead to your expected result, just simply change your actions. Every action leads to some result. And when we see the bird's eye view of these actions and results, we could see ourselves getting where we want to be.
There is nothing as 'impossible'. There are only n million possibilities for an event to happen.One event not happening is equivalent to another event happening. At the end, there are 'happenings',continuous happenings. You just have to have fun and play with the moment.
I had volunteered to make lunch for my friends one day.
One of my friends asked me, " Can you cook well". I said," I don't know if i can cook well, but I certainly can cook". He asked,"Have you cooked before?". I said," I haven't ever cooked before".He was surprised at this.
Just because I haven't cooked before, how can I say that I can't cook or that I can't cook well? Only the food would tell that after all the cooking was done! How can I say that I can't cook something well today, until I have cooked it today!
How can you say that you can't do something, until and unless you actually try doing it?
Like a sweet miracle, I prepared 7 dishes for the lunch that afternoon. I could rather say the food prepared itself. No friend of mine believed that i could not cook after seeing the spread. They asked me how i cooked the dishes, whether someone taught me to do so.
For me cooking is like drawing a painting. I feel like little yellow and I add Turmeric. I can smell the garlic flavour before I add it myself. Its like a dance/a composition.And it happens, so gracefully every time i have attempted to cook. To my friends I always re-confirm, that I cannot prepare the same food again.It might be called by the same name everytime, but it will be different as there is no recipe. The recipe takes its own course every time.
How can you say that you can't do something, until and unless you actually do it?

Life should be played like a game. You take it as it comes.Your ultimate goal here is to be happy, contented and satisfied with what ever you have acquired.
Play this game of life gracefully making use of every resource available for you at that moment. There is nothing as impossible.There is only need for action and N-many possibilities for an action. In this game of life, one never loses because there is only one player. Either you meet your expectation or you don't.