Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let us all be gold diggers!!

Yes. Let us all be gold diggers.

When you are digging for gold, tons of dirt might come your way. Most of us crib about all that dirt and come out all frustrated.
For one ounce of gold, you may have to move tons of dirt. We loose focus, and we concentrate on all that dirt. We start pondering on questions like;How much dirt we have
have been facing and how much more we have to face, What kind of dirt? Why is all that dirt there? etc

The point is, we are there is the first place looking for GOLD. And when you are digging, you don't go looking for dirt, you go looking for Gold.

We can apply this thumb rule is life, in case of relationships.

We start off in a relationship looking for the gold, the beauty of the other person. We see small dirt here and there that leads us to more inner quality and beauty of the other. But we get stuck.
We forget that we are gold diggers and become the dirt pickers. How sad! The person is one and the same. Its our view that has changed.

So lets accept and appreciate what ever gold/beauty that is in a person, in an event, in life as a whole; than complain and crib about all that is not there.

Lets be gold diggers. :)

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